Flor Roman always had an interest in child development. After running her own childcare business for many years, Flor decided to go back to school. When she couldn’t access financial aid, Flor didn’t give up on her dream of pursuing an education in early learning. Studying alongside the larger early childhood community was so important to her that she worked two jobs to make school a reality.

She enrolled in child development classes at Olive-Harvey College, where she developed her knowledge with the incredible community of early childhood professionals there.

“By me taking the courses and speaking to the professors and having other peers that also have businesses or are in that field, it brings a lot of knowledge for me to take back,” she said.

Flor earned her associate degree in Child Development and Preschool Education from Olive-Harvey College in 2019. She hopes others will hear her story and feel inspired to reach their own career goals and to ask for support when they need it.

“Anytime you think about doing something, it’s most likely the right move. You just have to find a way to get it done,” Flor said. “A lot of times, we want to do things, but we don’t know where to start. It’s a matter of just asking.”

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