Professor Qiana Lewis has always known that she wanted to be a teacher—and attending Olive-Harvey College as a child convinced her that City Colleges of Chicago was the place to fulfill that dream.

Today, as professor and chair of the Mathematics Department at Daley College, Lewis enjoys making math relatable for her students and watching them succeed. She brings real-world examples into her lesson plans to help students understand what can be a complex subject.

Beyond making math relatable, she wants to be relatable, too. Lewis recognizes the importance of her students seeing a woman of color as the leader of the department.

“I want students to understand that it doesn’t matter your race or your gender—there are no professions that are for this type of person or that type of person,” she said. “You can be anything you want… you can do anything you want.”

Qiana Lewis was selected as Daley College’s 2022 Luminary Award Faculty Recipient.

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