Kiara Taylor’s interest in nursing is personal—she was inspired to one day join the profession when a nurse helped to catch her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis back in 2009.

Though her journey to the job hasn’t come without obstacles, Kiara’s passion to help others and the support she received from Malcolm X College’s nursing program pushed her through. She graduated from Malcolm X’s Associate Degree in Nursing program in December 2021 and passed her NCLEX, the national nursing licensure exam, shortly thereafter.

Now, Kiara is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She’s also gaining hands-on experience in the field by working as a medical surgical nurse at the University of Chicago Medicine.

As Kiara continues her education and begins her career, she says she’s prepared for her next steps. She credits the expert faculty at Malcolm X College for instilling every nursing skill and concept there is into her.

“I feel very prepared to enter the workforce,” Kiara said. “I’m just wondering if the workforce is prepared for me.”

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