Brothers Gerardo and Miguel Gomez have a lot in common, including their passion for medicine and helping others. That interest led them both to enroll in Malcolm X College’s Medical Assisting program.

Born in Chicago but raised in Mexico, Gerardo and Miguel had to get accustomed to an entirely new culture and language when they returned to the U.S. as teenagers. They also had to plan for their future.

Miguel, the older brother, was the first to discover Malcolm X. His high school English teacher knew he was interested in science and medicine, and she told him that Malcolm X’s Center of Excellence in Healthcare could help him advance in those fields.

Realizing Gerardo had similar interests, the family encouraged him to pursue a career in healthcare, too. He now he has two semesters left at Malcolm X before graduation.

While both brothers have busy schedules filled with work, class, and studying, they say the commute to Malcolm X from their home near Midway Airport is worth it.

“For me, it’s one of the best schools I’ve ever attended,” Gerardo said. “Malcolm X is helping me because I feel encouraged to do what I want to do.”

From the state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality professors, to resources like tutoring, advising, and financial aid, the brothers feel the college has prepared them for career success in healthcare. And beyond the support they’ve received from the school, they’ve also supported each other at every step of the way.

Miguel is now living his dream of working as a medical assistant at a Chicago clinic while he finishes his final courses at Malcolm X. After graduation, Gerardo plans to transfer to a four-year university to continue his studies in healthcare and obtain his bachelor’s degree.

Soon, Gerardo and Miguel will share yet another thing in common—they’ll both be proud Malcom X College alumni.

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