Jacori Garrett started his college career early as a student at Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy. As part of the Early College program, Jacori was taking college level classes and earning college credit as a high school student. Once he graduated from high school in 2017, he headed to a four-year university in Wisconsin. But due to family and financial circumstances, he was forced to return to Chicago.

Undeterred and knowing he wanted to study business, he headed to Harold Washington College in the loop. In 2020, he earned his Associate in Science with a focus in Business Administration. Thanks to an email he received about City Colleges student opportunities, he learned about the PepsiCo internship and applied right away.

A year later, Jacori has a wide range of experience under his belt. As an intern, he learned about ecommerce, communicating with customers, order processing, and putting what he learned in the classroom into practice.

“So many of the skills I learned in class are transferrable – like data visualization, and using different tools to communicate results,” he says.

Now, Jacori is working as an apprentice at PepsiCo, and studying Human Resources Management at Roosevelt University.

He is grateful to be part of the PepsiCo program, saying “supply chain is what I am passionate about.  I would love to continue to build my experience there, and being knowledgeable in HR only builds my portfolio.”

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