After graduating from Bogan High School on Chicago’s Southwest Side, Angel Childs took a series of temporary jobs to make ends meet. She was supporting her family and paying the bills, but, as someone who has always wanted to help others, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled by the work. Determined to make a change, Angel enrolled in courses just down the street at Daley College.

The first-generation college student had her mind set on earning an associate degree, but she was also working two part-time jobs and was finding it difficult to balance her competing priorities. With just two classes left to graduate, she took a semester off, later returning to find out she had accumulated debt from her previous classes. Angel was forced to push pause on her college dreams until the spring of 2021 – when she found a ‘Fresh Start’ for her education.

With the support of City Colleges’ new debt forgiveness program, Angel was able to reenroll at Daley, earning her associate degree the same semester. From there, she transferred to Chicago State University, where she’s now studying psychology so she can pursue a career as a counseling psychologist.

“I have a passion for helping others, and, thanks to the Fresh Start program giving me a fresh start, I will be one step closer to doing just that,” Angel said.

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