Not happy in his job in the restaurant industry, Deiron Johnson decided to head back to the classroom in 2013. The West-sider chose Malcom X College, and discovered his passion for IT as a work-study student.

During an especially challenging semester, Deiron struggled and eventually ended up unable to complete his classes. At this point, he was already a fixture in MXC’s tech department as a part-time IT services associate. Eventually hired on full-time, he always hoped to get back into the classroom—but his past debt stood in his way.

When he heard about the Fresh Start Debt Forgiveness program in the summer of 2020, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to complete his associate degree. With only four classes left, he completed his Associate of Applied Sciences in the Spring of 2021. Now, he is on his way to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security—another interest he found at City Colleges.

‘Before City Colleges, I had never really thought about cyber security, but it’s such an important part of IT. I am excited to have such a strong foundation to build on, thanks to my job and my classes at Malcolm X College” said Deiron.

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