Last year, Marvin Howell graduated from Lincoln Park High School and was accepted into DePaul University. Because of the pandemic, his life shifted, so he decided to take a gap year.

“I was a little perplexed on what to do next when a friend told me about the Star Scholar program,” he quipped.

Marvin learned that he was eligible to go to City Colleges to complete his core classes for free because of his excellent grades. He shared, “it saved my family and me thousands of dollars and gave me some direction on next steps.”

Marvin’s career goals vary, but he knows he wants to be in finance and have his own firm, saying “I want to drive an ‘impact investment fund’ and help people transform their lives.” Recently, he was accepted into Citi Bank’s apprentice program through City Colleges, which is part of his game plan for the following year.

Marvin said he would recommend City Colleges to anyone because of the support you receive. He said that one of his teachers who had the most significant impact on him was Professor Darren White at Kennedy-King College. Professor White “made a big effort to make sure I knew my math.”

Marvin further explained that he found City Colleges to be a very welcoming environment with flexible classes, allowing him to work, be productive, and have a life. Moreover, he exclaimed, “there is no downside to joining and completing your education.”

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Marvin has been able to develop and cultivate friendships with students and professors alike. And with the transfer agreements to other colleges like DePaul University, attending City Colleges made sense to Marvin.

He is also “sold” on the Citi paid apprenticeship. He will be working in the automotive group, pairing with an analyst to help them model companies and create pitch decks. He says he would tell everyone to check out City Colleges of Chicago because it’s making dreams come true.

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