Sareena Volkman is already using her education to try and create positive change in the world around her.

A graduate of Taft High School, Sareena attended Wright College as a Star Scholar and graduated debt free in the spring of 2019. But her time at Wright College started her on a path to political activism and a desire to push for reform in the education and criminal justice systems.

When she first got to Wright, she joined the Student Government Association, which she continued when she transferred to Carthage College in Wisconsin to earn her bachelor’s degree. While at Wright, she was able to participate in the American Student Association of Community Colleges annual national conference where she met with members of the House of Representatives and Senators from Illinois to discuss reform in higher education.

“I want to go for my masters in Academic Administration after how impactful my experience at City Colleges was. I want to be able to work for and help future students seek their highest potential. I love my city, and I am proud of where I am from, but that does not mean it is perfect,” she said of her future plans.

She believes that adding a police sciences program at the community college level would help prepare students for the rigors of a job in criminal justice – particularly systematic racism. As she continues her studies, Sareena also continues her work in social justice advocacy, determined to work for positive change in our society and the systems within it.

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