Tunde Oderinde is setting an example for his two children by not only earning his GED, but by pursuing a career in nursing so that he can help others and provide a good future for his family.

When Tunde moved to Chicago from Nigeria twelve years ago, he had already been to college, where he studied philosophy. While working as a sales associate at a few different retail outlets, he decided he was ready to go back to school. His first step was earning his GED, so he signed up for high school equivalency prep classes at Olive-Harvey College – the closest City College to where he lives on the south side. He started classes in May of 2019, and by that fall he had earned his GED.

For the past year, Tunde has been taking credit classes through the Gateway Program at Olive-Harvey, which provides supports and pays half of his tuition. He is well on his way to becoming a nurse.

“Every morning my kids see me take out my computer and sit down to my studies. They see that I’m going to school and they know that will be them someday,” Tunde explained.

At Olive-Harvey, Tunde found the support he needed both in and out of the classroom. He appreciated the faculty and staff, who always went above and beyond, especially Adult Education Transition Specialist Brenda Baker. He was also able to borrow a laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot from City Colleges, and received CARES Act funding during the pandemic.

Overall, Tunde said he has had a great experience at Olive-Harvey, and looks forward to transferring to Malcolm X College, where he can focus more on healthcare courses.

Explore how you can earn your high school equivalency and apply for the Gateway Program, which assists with tuition for up to four terms, here.

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