Lovetta Houston inspires her students, supports them, and encourages them before, during, and after work hours. She wants to see students succeed and helps them any way she can, including supporting clubs like the African American Studies Association with events. She has even been known to help students out with food and clothing – out of her own pocket – when they needed it. Here are a few other things her nominators said about her:

“She got me started on my journey and motivated me to begin. I didn’t know where to start. If it wasn’t for her words of encouragement and going out of her way to assist me, I would not be graduating this year. You rarely come across people like Ms. Houston. She wants to see you succeed. She wants to help any way she can.”

“…I had given up, but she hadn’t given up on me. She prayed and listened. She let me cry, yell, and curse. She had my back and supported me. She did and said things that helped and pushed me so that my own child wanted to (and did) meet her to thank her. This woman is amazing. She is truly an angel and deserves all acknowledgement/recognition for being an outstanding person.”

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