Brianne Turner has found a home in Chicago and at Wright College.

Having grown up in Oregon, Brianne launched a career in music journalism just after she started college, but found the pace grueling and ended up “burning out.” Not sure what her next step would be, she moved to Chicago because she has always loved the city. She knew she wanted to continue to write for a living, but also wanted to be helpful in the community. Eventually, she decided that being a paralegal would marry both her loves of writing and of civic engagement. The growing job market was also appealing.

After doing some research, she found the Paralegal Program at Wright College.

“I was looking for a program that was certified by the American Bar Association. Wright was also highly-regarded and affordable, so it was a perfect choice,” she explained.

Now in her second semester, Brianne credits a new job at an all-female law firm to the program at Wright. She is about to start working full-time while she continues her paralegal studies, working directly with clients and getting cases started.
In addition to the support she gets from the Paralegal Program staff, Brianne also used the Career Center as she prepared to apply for the position.

“The Career Center helped me with my resume – I think it was pretty solid, but it needed some polishing. It was so helpful to have someone look at it and tell you what is important to include in a straightforward way,” she said.

Brianne, who plans to graduate with an AAS in Paralegal Studies next fall, also landed scholarships from the Illinois Paralegal Association, as well as the City Colleges of Chicago Foundation.

To anyone thinking about enrolling at City Colleges, Brianne is enthusiastic, saying “Consider City Colleges. I had a lot of hesitation going back to school, because I thought I would be the oldest there. That hasn’t been my experience at all. The faculty is so supportive and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is extremely inclusive – teachers are really responsive to the diverse student body. That is so incredible.”

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