Nuttawut Waijorhor moved to Chicago from Thailand eight years ago, and started taking English as a Second Language classes so he could navigate more easily in the city he now calls home.

Currently enrolled in the ESL hybrid class, he spends time in the classroom and time working independently online – completing his work from the comfort of home. With a full-time job, he likes the flexibility the class offers, and as a social person, he is still able to interact face-to-face with his classmates on campus.

He felt comfortable as soon as he stepped foot in the classroom, noting the bright space where he and fellow students can listen, write, speak, and take quizzes. He also likes the teaching style of his instructor, and feels happy with his decision to come to Wright College.

When he’s done with ESL classes, he plans to continue on with his education and earn a certificate or degree. He enjoys subjects like math and physics, and is excited to see where that takes him. His ultimate goal is to get a better job so he can continue to support his mother, who still lives in Thailand.

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