As the first person in her family to go to college, Michelle Quijano felt a little lost and a little nervous.

“It was actually stressful and scary – I didn’t know what to do or even where to start,” she said.

That is why she was so thankful for the Star Scholarship – she didn’t have to worry about how she was going to pay for tuition and books, scratching one major worry off her list.

“My parents support me in every way possible, but we didn’t know how we would pay for college if it came to that,” Michelle said. “Now, they don’t have to help.”

A strong believer in the importance of mental health, Michelle is studying psychology with the hopes of being able to help people in her community. Still figuring out where she wants to transfer to earn her bachelor’s degree, Michelle will graduate in the summer of 2020.

But she’s already helping others as a Star Ambassador at Daley College, letting students know all the benefits of City Colleges and of the Star Scholarship.

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