Ruben Sanchez is a Star Scholar ambassador at Daley College, helping future City Colleges students learn about the programs, resources, and of course scholarship opportunities available to them.

“I’m proud to be a Star ambassador to help other students. I’m so grateful – I wouldn’t have been able to afford college without the Star Scholarship and I want to let others in my Little Village community get the same opportunity,” he said.

A graduate of Farragut Career Academy, Ruben learned about the Star Scholarship through his OneGoal program director and through his ENLACE mentor. He is the first in his family to attend college.

“My parents worried how I would be able to afford college. Thanks to the Star scholarship, that worry vanished,” he said.

Ruben is studying computer engineering and hopes to transfer to Illinois Tech with the help of the Star Transfer partnership, which would continue to help him fund his education.

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