Majaya Glenn grew up in the Roseland neighborhood, and because she moved around a lot due to a family situation, attended five different high schools. With her academic history, she didn’t think she would be able to do well in college, but an advisor that was part of a leadership development program at her high school told her about community college. With that, she started researching and found Kennedy-King College.

Happy with her decision, her first stop was to the Transfer Center to find resources that would help her pay tuition, because she knew she wanted to also earn her bachelor’s degree. Majaya was excited to learn that there are often scholarships for being part of student groups, because she also knew she wanted to be involved on campus. She joined One Million Degrees, the Business Club, became president of the Poetry Club, and is now the president of the Student Government Association – something her peers had to talk her into, but knew she’d be good at as a natural leader.

With her sights set on a degree in communications, Majaya plans to stay in Chicago when she transfers, because she helps care for her six siblings. Being a full-time student, working part-time, and being a part of so many groups on campus keeps her busy, but she says she finds it energizing.

“We have a great community here with a lot of positive energy. You really feel that people care here.”

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