After graduating from Lincoln Park High School in 2014, Wiemahn Crosby struggled to find a path that motivated and engaged him. He worked at a restaurant and as a dog walker, but he didn’t have a clear direction. He enrolled at Harold Washington College (HWC) but he lacked the focus necessary to succeed.

Enter Year Up, a program that involves a partnership with HWC that prepares students to land jobs and earns them college credit. Weimahn discovered the organization in August of 2018 and one year later he graduated.

“Year Up changed my life,” said Wiemahn, who was born and raised on the west side of Chicago. “The program taught me professionalism, how to carry myself and be articulate, and what’s needed to get a job and start a career.”

Through his participation in Year Up, Wiemahn earned college credit and a basic banking certificate from HWC. He also landed an internship with CIBC, where he worked in data analytics. That internship has turned into a full time job at the bank—he is now a business analyst on the digital banking team.

Wiemahn plans to complete his associates degree at HWC while working. From there, he plans to get his bachelors from UIC.

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