David Shore has had plenty of work experience over the years, even if he never had the formal education credentials to back it up.

“I never graduated high school and ended up joining the Marines,” Shore said. “After my four year enlistment, I mostly worked at hourly jobs and finally at age 48, I decided I should probably go back and get my GED.”

On a whim, he visited the adult education department at Truman College. One of the advisors in the department, Fernando Villeda Flamenco, told him he tested well enough to earn a GED and also mentioned the Gateway program, which would cover half of his tuition if he wanted to continue his education.

“I walked in to get a GED and walked out two years later with an associate degree,” he said.

After graduating in fall 2018 from Truman College as the salutatorian with an Associate in Arts degree, Shore now has options.

“I’ve been accepted to DePaul, UIC and Dominican University and I’m waiting to hear back from the University of Virginia,” he said. “It’s all because of Truman College that I have this education bug.”

With his associate degree completed, Shore now has a career in mind and not just another hourly job.

“My end goal is to be a counselor who specializes in childhood trauma or substance abuse issues,” he said. “Anything I can do to help people have a healthy life.”

Shore mentioned that all of the professors at Truman College were exceptional, but Dr. John Majer has made a special impact on him.

“I ended up taking four classes with him and he really ignited my passion in psychology,” he said.

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