When Janneth Alvarado moved from Ecuador to Chicago at only 20 years old, her objective was simple: work consistently. She achieved that goal by babysitting, cleaning houses and taking on other jobs for about 15 years. From there, she set her sights on a new challenge. As her story clearly shows, setting and reaching goals would become a habit she couldn’t break.

When the mother of four saw her kids growing up and speaking English, she was determined to learn the language. She enrolled in ESL classes at Truman College in 2014. When she finished and had met another challenge, she headed to Olive-Harvey College to begin credit classes. If it wasn’t for City Colleges’ Gateway Scholar program, which allowed Janneth to transition to a degree program and receive financial assistance, she wouldn’t have continued her education.

Once exposed to the fields of transportation, distribution and logistics at Olive-Harvey, Janneth knew exactly what kind of job she wanted. Before she embarks on a meaningful career, though, Janneth will graduate in May (2019) from Olive-Harvey with her associate degree in supply chain management. She plans to transfer to Elmhurst College in the fall to study logistics.

“City Colleges of Chicago embraces all types of students, and that’s what made the difference for me,” said Janneth. “My classmates and the faculty were constantly encouraging me and bringing new opportunities to me, and as a result, I’ve accomplished so much and will get rewarded by walking across the stage in May.”

Once she earns her bachelor’s degree, Janneth wants a position where she manages goods as they move from one location to another. She finds that process fascinating and has a goal of landing a position where her passion and profession meet.

A goal she will no doubt reach.

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