Anastacia Narrajos was born in Chicago, but grew up in the suburb of Plainfield. With family in the city, she spent a lot of time there and knew she wanted to move back as soon as she could. She always planned to attend a community college before going on to get her bachelor’s degree, so when she graduated high school, Anastacia moved to the Edgewater neighborhood and enrolled in Harold Washington College. She chose Harold Washington because she liked being in the Loop, and her sister was already a student there.

She was excited to find the theater program, and to learn that the college had its own theater company. She was soon auditioning for plays, and was a part of three productions during her time there. She notes that the students got to work with professionals already in the industry like actors and designers.

“What I really liked about Harold Washington was that I very focused on theater, but I still got to take all these other really cool classes like the philosophy of religion and lithography. The teachers were all passionate and encouraging, and I was able to take a really wide variety of classes as I finished my general education credits,” said Anastacia.

Once she earned her associate degree in December of 2015, Anastacia transferred to UIC’s theater program. An added bonus was that she had the built in support of a community of students who had started at Harold Washington and transferred to UIC as well. Originally focused solely on acting, at UIC she gained an interest in writing and directing as well. In the spring of 2018, Anastacia graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Performance from UIC.

Now, she’s teaching Chicago Public School students all about theater at Lifeline Theater and the Raven Theater, both located in Chicago. She’s also involved with the experimental Walkabout Theater Company where staff do everything: write the shows, develop characters, and perform the play. She’s also scored parts in a few commercials and continues to go on auditions for TV and film roles – the agency that represents her signed her on after seeing her in her first HWC production.

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