Marvin Herrera is an adjunct welding professor and student at Daley College.

A first generation Mexican/Guatemalan child of immigrant parents, Marvin grew up and currently lives in Little Village. In 2013, Marvin left his job in grocery store management to enroll full-time at Daley College. From there, his welding career formed and thrived. In the summer of 2014, Marvin was hired by Freedman Seating Company, a partner of Daley College. He has been there for almost five years and has held various positions and is currently a manufacturing engineering technician. Through his current role at the company, he is learning, among other things, how to program welding robots.

Marvin likes passing on knowledge to students as an instructor more and more each day. He received an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing and three related certificates – all from Daley College. He’s also taking some additional courses that he thinks will help him transfer to a four-year university. His goal is to earn his bachelor’s degree – likely from Southern Illinois – in the next few years.

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