Luis Matos came to the U.S. from Venezuela when he was 15 years old due to family reasons, moving to Chicago to live with his uncle. He attended Kelly High School, and always knew that college was in his future. When he was a junior in high school, his counselor told him about the Star Scholarship, which motivated him to keep his grades high so he would have a full scholarship for the first two years of college as an option.

Once he learned he qualified for the scholarship, Luis decided to attend Truman College because it was the closest City College to his home. Interested in computer science, Luis had his sights set on transferring to a four-year university like IIT once he completed his associate degree.

As a high-achieving student, Luis was able to be a part of the Transfer Scholars program, a City Colleges program that supports students as they go through the transfer process, and gives them the chance to gain early admission to top schools across the country. Luis urges other City Colleges students to look into the program, saying “The Transfer Scholars program is completely worth it. You know where you’ve been accepted a whole year ahead of time, so you can think about it carefully, weight your options, visit the campuses, and make the best decision.”

Luis was accepted to the Illinois Institute of Technology, Loyola University Chicago, and DePaul University, all early decision and is weighing his options for the fall of 2019.

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