Mica Jackson was born and raised on Chicago’s south side and has always strived to be an inspiration to her family and community.

She grew up wanting to be in healthcare, and after graduating from King High School, the 26 year old earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Lane University (TN). Then, to realize her dream, she headed to Malcolm X College’s CNA program. It ended up that nursing wasn’t a fit, but when the opportunity came in 2017 to enroll in the Medical Assistant (MA) program—again at Malcolm X—Mica gave health sciences another chance. After all, it was her passion – so much so that she turned down a good job in the corporate world to head back to school.

During her time in the MA program, she learned she was expecting. She never considered stopping her studies, though, and battled exhaustion and a hectic schedule to stay at Malcolm X and keep her grades up. With the help of dedicated faculty and the undying commitment of the program’s director, Christine Dzoga, Mica persevered.

Then, while taking exams during her last semester, she went into active labor. Mica didn’t let that stop her, and after having her little girl, she started clinical rotations right away and completed in the fall of 2018. Now, she works full time at Rush Medical Center as a medical assistant. Mica plans to pursue a master’s degree in 2019.

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