Mirela Velic completed the City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program at Malcolm X College in the summer of 2018.

Her journey to get to this point was an eventful one—born in Bosnia, Mirela moved to Chicago’s Jefferson Park at age 3. The 27-year-old married mother of two now resides in Albany Park.

Mirela, who was the valedictorian for her LPN class, originally wanted to be an educator. After graduating from Amundsen High School, she attended Northeastern University for a year, but it was a job as an activities staffer at a nursing home that spurred her interest in healthcare. With her sights set on becoming a nurse, she took pre-requisite courses at Wright College in 2015. She enrolled in Malcolm X’s LPN program two years later, in the fall of 2017.

While enrolled at City Colleges of Chicago, Mirela took advantage of advising, additional lab instruction, and extra help offered by faculty and staff. Next up is preparing to pass the NCLEX exam. Once that hurdle is cleared, Mirela plans to seek employment and to return to the City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing at Malcolm X College to work towards becoming an RN.

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