Yassine emigrated from Algeria in 2008 for better opportunities and to explore the world. His first task was to learn English, so he took classes at Moraine Valley Community College while he lived in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and drove a taxi to support himself.

Always interested in the IT field, specifically in networks and security, he knew a degree could open up job opportunities. He found that Wright College offered a program in exactly what he was interested in, so he knew it was the right place for him.

In the fall of 2016, Yassine heard from his instructors at the college about an apprenticeship program through Wright partner Accenture, and decided to take a chance and apply. While still attending classes, Yassine started the year-long, full-time apprenticeship in June 2017, working on a implementing security in a software project, as well as helping employees troubleshoot project-related issues. He was also part of a team that managed large amounts of data generated at different Accenture locations, working to transform it into meaningful and useful information that could be used by other company teams.

“All the classes I took at Wright had an impact on my work, and I was able to directly apply what I was learning in the classroom to what I was doing at Accenture.”

As the apprenticeship ended in June 2018 – just after he graduated with his AAS in Networking Systems and Technolgy with high honors – Yassine was offered a full-time permanent position as a software engineering analyst, helping to assess and implement security solutions to his project. Thrilled with finally landing his dream job in the U.S., Yassine’s plan for now is to get IT certifications that will help him in his new career.

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