You could say Anais Velazquez is into computers.

She will graduate in June of 2018 with both a high school diploma from Sarah Goode and an associate degree in computer science from Daley College. The 18 year old will start as a sophomore at IIT in the fall, majoring in computer science. When she completes her four-year degree, her goal is a career in computer programming, specifically VR (virtual reality) game development.

She was just a sophomore when she started early college classes at Daley, so it was a process for her to get comfortable with older and more polished students. Thanks to her instructors and advisors, though, she found her rhythm and racked up college credit. She is thrilled to reduce the cost of college, as she stands to save tens of thousands of dollars because of the credits she’s already earned.

Before she starts in the fall, she’ll participate in the Exelon Summer Institute at IIT. The invite-only program is for those admitted and supports students transitioning to college life. It is a hands-on experience that includes a rocket project, robot wars, and bridge and catapult challenges.

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