Shujie Lin has come a long way in a very short time. Having come to the U.S. only four years ago, she started taking at ESL classes at Truman on the weekends to improve her English, and ended up not only as their valedictorian, but as one of two student speakers for the 2018 commencement ceremony. She jokingly says, “when I was practicing my speech, I told my 6 year old son not to study hard and get straight A’s, because when you do, you have to talk in front of huge groups of people.”

One of her favorite parts of studying at Truman is the diverse student body. “I feel pretty comfortable sitting in a classroom, surrounded by students who are from different cultures, speak different languages, who are a wide range of ages.”

Pursuing a career as a pharmacist, Shujie is transferring to Rosalind Franklin University to start their pharmacy program in the fall.

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