Jose Hernandez decided to come to CCC because he saw friends and family who went to four-year universities end up with thousands of dollars in debt, and he didn’t want that for his family.

He found a passion for computers when he was a kid who took apart his parents’ computer – much to their dismay – and came to Harold Washington College to pursue his dream of studying computer science.

One of Jose’s favorite things about Harold Washington College is the diversity of students there: “you can walk into any classroom and there are people from all different countries and all different backgrounds.”

His parents came to the U.S. to be able to give Jose a better life, and are so proud not only that he will be graduating, but that he has been named HWC’s valedictorian. “I’m proud of myself for getting to this point, but am grateful for my parents, and know how much they struggled and sacrificed to help me get here.”

Jose is excited to graduate on May 5th because his hard work has finally paid off. “With dedication and effort, anything is possible.”

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