A graduate of Taft High School, Brian Lee earned a Chicago Star Scholarship to attend Wright College for free. Brian then received a scholarship to pursue his bachelor’s degree in computer science at UIC from City Colleges’ Star Scholarship corporate partner, CME Group. He also earned a summer internship in CME Group’s platform engineering department.

Brian’s advice for students new to City Colleges is to get to know your advisor. “My advisor, George Baird, was able to help me transition into college, help me find a scholarship, and even helped me with the transfer process when I knew I wanted to go to UIC. If he hadn’t mentioned the CME Group scholarship to me, I would have never known about it and lost a good opportunity. I went to him frequently to discuss how my classes would transfer and what kind of courses I should be taking.”

Looking back, he wishes he hadn’t rushed so much to get his degree, but spent more time enjoying the college experience at Wright. “I hope that people join more student organizations at CCC and become more involved in their local school community. As a former president of the Wright College Chess Club, I’d like to also encourage people to play more chess!”

After he gets his bachelor’s degree from UIC, Brian hopes that he’ll be working as a software engineer for a top tech company or trading firm.

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