Argelia Ortiz graduated from Malcolm X College in the spring of 2017 with her Associate Degree in Nursing. Before she even received the results of her NCLEX exam (which she passed), she was offered a job at St. Anthony Hospital, where she currently works in the maternal/newborn unit.

Before starting the nursing program, Argelia was working full-time at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician. Once she started the program, she went to part-time. Now she works three 12-hour shifts, which allows her to spend more time with her kids.

The 26 year old mother of two enjoyed her experience at Malcolm X, noting how supportive, encouraging and understanding the faculty and staff are.

“They appreciate how much the students have going on outside of class, and that comes through in their teaching and advising,” she said.

After attending Kelly High School, Argelia received her AGS from Daley College, mainly to satisfy her nursing pre-requisites. Her goals for the future include obtaining her bachelor’s in nursing, maybe a master’s, and possibly moving to the profession she so admires—teaching.

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