Tahira Moon considers Malcolm X College a second home. She’s currently in the nursing program there and is on track to complete her RN path in the spring of 2019.

She completed the Patient Care Tech (PCT) program in the fall of 2016 and before that, she received a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate  – both from Malcolm X.

Tahira has been interested in nursing and helping people since she attended high school at CICS Longwood, a charter school in the Washington Heights neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. That passion took her to Malcolm X, and from there she plans to transfer to UIC in the fall of 2019. From there the plan is to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing by 2021.

Tahira credits much of what she’s been able to accomplish to her Star Scholarship, which has significantly eased the financial burden of college for her. Her success at Malcolm X can also be attributed to the tutoring she takes advantage of; the resources available at the health and wellness center on campus; and her dedicated advisor, who Tahira says has kept her on track and made sure she’s taking the correct courses for someone looking to transfer.

It’s a safe bet Tahira’s passion won’t fade once she’s done with school—she has her sights set on being an ER or forensic nurse.

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