Sitting in the front row wasn’t necessarily a learning strategy for Michael Ndichuck. It was also a necessity. Born and raised in Cameroon, Michael had the opportunity to study in America when his brother, an American citizen, recommended he complete his higher education in Chicago. While Michael was fluent in English, adapting to new accents and American slang was a complicated process. He decided sitting in the front row was the best way to hear his instructors and focus on both the content he was studying and the words his instructors were using.

Michael credits much of his success to his instructors. As someone who doesn’t like studying outside of a classroom environment, Michael enjoys having instructors willing to put in the time and effort to answer the necessary questions so he has learned most of the information before he leaves class.

While living in Cameroon, Michael watched his mother creating home remedies for many sicknesses throughout his childhood. It gave him an interest in how to create treatments for the kinds of illnesses that need more than a basic concoction. This curiosity will lead him to continue his studies to become a research pharmacist for a pharmaceutical company, building the medicines to help cure diseases in the future.

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