Convenience was a big consideration for Manases when he was thinking about college. Not only was Richard J. Daley College within walking distance of his home, but it was definitely the right price for him and his parents after he was awarded the Star Scholarship, allowing him to go to Daley without having to pay tuition or book costs. Without that cost, Manases was able to focus on academics and didn’t need to worry about working while going through school or taking out student loans.

That doesn’t mean the transition from high school was easy. He was forced to learn how to be an independent learner, managing his time and making sure he was keeping on top of his academics without constant reinforcement. He used student resources to help him when he didn’t have answers. He worked with the tutoring center for academic help, received resume building tips from the career center, and went to the Wellness Center to get tips for helping to manage personal issues.

With an interest in virtual reality technology, Manases will be transferring to continue his education in computer science, building software from the ground up. He knows that he made the right decision by attending Daley College. “Daley is a great transition from high school to college,” he says. “Universities can be a little overwhelming. They know you’re starting something new when you come to Daley College and they really work to guide you.”

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