After working as a massage therapist for a number of years after high school, Jenna knew it was time to think about a career change when an injury to her shoulder made it difficult to do her job well. Being interested in the health field, she was attracted to City Colleges’ dental hygiene program. While she was anxious about starting classes after being gone for so long, she found that she fit in with her classmates really well. While she was shy at first, she says the rigor of the program quickly brought her classmates together as they developed their own support system.

Working as a tutor and putting in many hours of clinic work at the MXC Dental Hygiene Clinic, Jenna credits her faculty with driving her success. “The faculty doesn’t just teach,” she says. “They are truly passionate and they create an environment that builds that passion inside of you too.”

Jenna plans to start working once she passes her board exams. During that time, she will be saving money to eventually complete her bachelor’s degree.

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