Eriana Glover loves learning. Playing basketball in high school at Lindblom College Prep, Eriana quit so she could focus on her grades and academics. As graduation approached, her counselors were pushing students toward four-year universities, but Eriana, being the oldest of six children, knew financing college would be difficult for her and her family. She was eventually very relieved when one of her counselors told her about the Star Scholarship, a new opportunity at the City Colleges of Chicago that would allow her to go to school without having to pay for tuition or books.

Being a good student in high school quickly carried over to college. “Getting involved adds so much to the college experience, and I wish I had known more about clubs and organizations during my first year on campus.”

Eriana especially appreciates how the Career Center worked with her to help craft a better resume and for providing her good leads on potential jobs. The Transfer Center was a great resource for finding scholarship opportunities now that she is getting ready to transition to a four-year institution. Eriana plans to major in continue her education to become either a community dietitian or a management dietitian, working to help communities and restaurants build better menus and eating habits to create healthier communities.

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