Unable to attend her preferred college after graduating high school, Epiphany Casey spent a year working retail before a phone call changed her plans. Her mother got a call from Malcolm X College telling her about the college’s offerings. After enrolling at Malcolm X College, she also quit her job to concentrate on school. She knew she wanted more than her current job, and she knew what she needed to do to get there.

Despite being anxious from her one-year layoff, transitioning into the classroom was easier for Epiphany than she initially expected. The students and teachers made the college feel homey to her. She formed strong bonds with her instructors, who were always willing to put in extra time and answer questions when she needed help. This mentality of being part of a family carried over into Epiphany’s job as a student ambassador, helping other new students get to know their surrounding and help them transition into a new environment when City Colleges opened a brand new Malcolm X College building.

As Epiphany prepares to move on to build a career as a pharmacy technician, hopefully working in inpatient facilities, she values everything that Malcolm X College has done for her. “MXC is a great place to start,” she says. “It gives students all the resources they need to succeed.”

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