Daniel always knew how important an education was, but his plans were derailed when finances forced him to drop out of the four-year university he attended after graduating high school. He took time away from the classroom after that, focusing on work while volunteering at the nearby Salvation Army and providing his services as a local mentor for younger kids. When his brother was old enough to start college, Daniel decided to be a supportive sibling and they started classes together at Malcolm X College. From his time in a four-year environment, the transition into the classroom was smooth for Daniel. He knew exactly what to expect and was ready for the type of focus and habits that are needed to succeed in the college environment.

Being a good student doesn’t mean Daniel didn’t have questions sometimes. He utilized the Tutoring Center, especially for his science classes, and went to the transfer center when he started thinking about potential destinations after graduating. There, he was able to find waivers for application fees that helped him submit applications to his dream schools. “Malcolm X College is amazing,” he said. “It is a great place to prepare you for the future, and you have such a close knit, community feel when you’re on campus.”

Now that he has completed his associate degree, Daniel has also completed an exam to join the police academy. He wants to be a positive symbol in his community and create bonds between Chicagoans and the police force.

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